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Backyard wedding favors - what s not to love about a backyard wedding they re intimate convenient and perhaps best of all often a budget friendly if not free venue end your big day on a high note with a unique wedding favor your guests are sure to love here we put together the best wedding favor ideas including edible treats and personalized gifts 25 sweet ideas for a backyard wedding there s something about a simple affair held in the privacy of one s yard that is nothing but charming this couple celebrated their wedding in the bride s childhood home with garden inspired traditional details to take an outlook for 2016 spring wedding what do you want for your big days lavender always reminds me of a bright spring morning with warm sunshine and soft wind lay an egg ingredients 1 raw egg for each team to play in each pair the partners stand with their backs to each other placing a raw egg between their backs the object.

of the game is to lay the egg on the floor without breaking it these cookies are perfect party favors bake or buy a big batch of sugar cookies ice them and then stencil on your letter of choice in edible powder casual wedding ideas the big day doesn t automatically mean ballrooms and black ties just as often a courthouse ceremony or backyard wedding with a crowd sourced playlist find a spot seating and a laid back vibe are all it takes to make the memories of a lifetime check out ex les of wedding inspiration in the oklahoma city tulsa norman surrounding oklahoma areas f or most couples a wedding is the first time you ll ever have to think about planning a huge event let alone creating a wedding budget that means lots of people start planning a similar way